Today’s thought of the day #18(Keep in mind)

“Make your own way, we are born alone and will die alone, so no one other than us can decide our destiny.”

“अपना रास्ता खुद बनाओ, हम अकेले पैदा होते हैं और अकेले ही मरते हैं, इसलिए हमारे अलावा कोई भी हमारे भाग्य का फैसला नहीं कर सकता है।”

Meaning:- We are born alone and will die alone someday. No one is going to be with us.

So why do you listen to everyone? There are some peoples who care for us, but not all peoples. So don’t listen to them otherwise you have to face lots of difficulties.

Always remember that this is your life. Make your own decision. Follow your passion. And never depend on others. Always listen to your heart, not others. And then also if you don’t find your ideal way then create it.

—-Wish you a very happy and positive day—-


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