Today’s thought of the day #19(life lesson)

Success can make you too overconfident, and failure too sad. So be careful!

सफलता आपको अति आत्मविश्वासी बना सकती है, और असफलता उदास कर सकती है।

Meaning:- Success can make you too overconfident. Which is a dangerous thing. So be careful my dear friend.

If you get success immediately or quickly then you may become overconfident. And because of which you will underestimate your opponent. Then that success will be your last one.

Let me give you an example “I have seen many students getting above 90% marks in 10th exams but in the 12th exam they get below 60%.” Why does this happen? There are many reasons but most of them are overconfident.

When we failed in something we become too sad and never try to do that again. Which is our biggest mistake.

So the conclusion is simple, never become overconfident to your success. You have done lots of hard work for it. Don’t let it go. And failure is a part of life.

Happiness comes only for some time in our life but failure always stays with us and is our best friend because it always teaches a new lesson.

—-Wish you a very happy and positive day—-


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